Lego set 8855 Prop Plane from 1988 (used)


Lego set 8855 Prop Plane (used)

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Lego set 8855 Prop Plane from 1988 released as the first Technic airplane. A classic from the early days of Lego Technic. It features a one cylinder reciprocating engine driving a unique 3 blade propeller, and movable ailerons and elevators controlled via a stick in the cockpit. There is also a Technic figure which can sit in either pilot seat.With this set you can build a plane and learn how the mechanics work from the first generation aircraft technology. Steering by rods. This plane has a construct to steer the wing flaps and the tail wings. It all works like in the past.

The set contains 572 parts in relative good condition considering the age. The building instructions are in good condition. This set comes with no original Lego box. Next to the plane there is an instruction for a kind of space shuttle like aircraft.

This model is simply huge. With a wingspan of 72 studs, it is the widest Technic set ever made, until set 42025 Cargo plane saw the light of day with a wingspan of 77 studs.  The flight controls are amazingly realistic. The 3 blade propeller is designed specifically to drive one of the square pistons, and this is the only set which ever used it.  The wing construction is extremely similar to that of a real airplane with a semi-monocoque structure.  It has a front and rear spar, ribs (made from, at that time, new tapered beams) at even intervals, and even the general shape of the leading and trailing edges is accurate.  It is only missing stressed skin but, if it did have skin, the wonderful internals would be hidden.  If you are only going to own one Technic airplane, make this one yours.

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